Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting Hot for Hillary

My husband's family tends to wax political at the dinner table, and this year's round of holiday meals was no exception. His step-sister is a firm Obama supporter and made it clear that she would never vote for Hillary Clinton. Now my husband David stated that Ms. Clinton, or "The Hill" as he calls her, is his choice because he's a huge supporter of NASA and all things science related, and she has a better standing on those issues than Obama.

So I decided not to wait until November to choose who I'm going to vote for, and I put my voice and talents behind Hillary Clinton. After watching the most recent debate, I have to say I like the way she handled herself and I think she can do the job the best. Now that I see that she won the New Hampshire primary, I think she could possibly win this thing. So here I am adding a third to my two blogs to say GO HILLARY! Get all your Hotties for Hillary Gear in my Cafe Press Store

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